Erasmus+ beszámoló-szakács, SAN ANTONIO HOTEL, Málta 1-2. hét

SAN ANTONIO HOTEL AND SPA Triq it-Turisti, St. Pauls Bay SPB 124, Malta 04.10.2016-17.10.2016

On Tuesday, I help to prepare some vegetables for the hot kitchen, after that I work in the preparation kitchen and I make some salads. The team work is the most important. Working in a hotel is totally different as working in a restaurant. On Wednesday I make some warps and sandwitches for the breakfast. After that I work in the vegetable preparation. On Wednesday I realize that we prepare foods for the next 2 days. The hotel works with a lot of Maltese dishes.********************************************* On Thursday I work in the preparation sector too, and I prepare some foods for the salads. Seafood are the most important ingredient of the Maltese cousine. On Saturday I fried some tortilla crispy, after that I plate a lot of pasta with soya and vegetable. The cooks on the kitchen are so fiendly, and they thanks everything, and thet is so beautiful thing. On Sunday I start the work with plating. I plate some salads, after that we prepare for the Sunday Lunch.On the Sunday Lunch I help to surve the guests and upload the foods. In the off season, on each Sunday has a big lunch like this. On Tuesday, I was In St Julians Bay hotel in St Julians wich turned out to be a bad place to work at, because the conditions and tasks weren’t acceptable The place was dirty and they wanted us to just wash dishes in 2 days out of 5. All the work was slicing „cheese” (cheese like product) and ham. We immediately asked the teacher to give us an other workplace. On Wednesday We started the day with preparing sandwiches for breakfast, than we mad salads. I noticed, that we prepare the food for the next two days, except sandwiches, wich are fresh I found every condition acceptable in the new place, the staff was great to work with, they helped in what we needed help in. On Thursday, we made sandwiches, salads, and prepared ingredients for the á-la care kitchen The whole place is different from the restaurant i work at home. The staff always asks if we are okay, how are we doing. We are not in a big hurry. Fishes and other seafood are important parts of the Maltese cousine, however there are signs of cultural meetings of other countries here. On Saturday I started as on the other days, then helped others in their work . Plated some dishes for breakfast. Everione is thankful for the help, even if they gave me the task to do. On Sunday I also started working in Prep. kitchen, doing usual things, after that, we cleaned the place and went out in the dining area where a 960 person brunch-luch was held. I Restocked what i had to. There are mayor differences between a restaurant and a hotel. For example, here we are not in that big hurry, and the hot kitchen section doesent have to do any preparation with ingredients. For the Sunday Brunch, we prepared almost everything 1-2-3 days before, because, noone could do that work in half a day- *********************************************On Monday we start the week with the regular preparations, the tomato/ cucumber/ lettuce washing/ cleaning/ cutting. After that we start the preparation for the next days. Each day starts with the regular preparation. On Tuesday I help to a cook, to make some Pizza rollat for the Sunday Luch. Luckily I had some experience in this. If we make the things in time, we don’t need to hurry in later. On Thursday, I worked alone. A cook said that it is a big step, because they trust in me and in my work. I had to prepare the ingredients for a whole breakfast alone. on the end of the day, they was satified wih me. They make a lot of salads, like chicken, seafood, vegetable, tuna, salmon, etc. They make it with care. They started to talk with me like a collegue, not like a student. On Friday, I worked alone too, but I got a bigger task. Not only the preparation was my task, I need to make some beef roll and chicken breast int he owen. I need to season it, and I need to savor it. If they see that you are interested what you do, they will give you bigger and interesting tasks. One of the cooks said that I’m the best student so far. On Saturay, I started the day with the preparation for the Sunday Lunch. I need to make some small portion plates, like tomato Panna Cotta with basil, or I need to bake the pizza rolls which I make in Tuesday. After that we help to preparing some vegetables for the next week. Not only the Maltese cousine is popular in Malta. Peoples likes to try different cousines, and the perfect place for that is this hotel and the Sunday Luch. *********************************************On Monday, we made some salads, prepared ingredients for next days and hot section Nothing new happened, usual preparation They work with us like collegue, not student On Tuesday, we did preparation in the morning, then made Pizza rolls for Sunday Lunch. There are no serious measurements here, no fine cuts. On Wednesday, I made the usual preparation. After that, i made Tarte-s alone with goat cheese and tomato, and also, little bits of creme cheese tartes. They trust in me also. Give tasks to do alone. They like to see when someone is interested in this work On Friday, I did the basic things, and some new preparation for Sunday Lunch On Saturday, I fried tortillas for tapas, did basic preparations, beetroot panna cotta with smoked salmon. we also made crabstick rolls. I found it better when they give new and interesting tasks for me. we can get bored easily if we are doing the same thing every day they completely got used to the feeling that we ar around them

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