Erasmus+ beszámoló- szakács, CARA’s COFFEE, Málta 1-2 hét

CARA’s COFFEE, Triq It –Torri, Tas-Sliema SLM 1601, Malta, 04.10.2016-17.10.2016

On Tuesday I made some boiled eggs and fruit salad, after that I take part in the washing-up work. The workers at my first hotel (St. Julians Bay Hotel) doesn’t know anything about HACCP. I’m going to evaluate hungarian kitchens from now. On Thursday I took part in the preparation works, made some salads and learned the basics of my new working place. In my new place they showed me a lot of simple preparation methods. On Friday I took part in he preparation works, made some bruschettas and English breakfast. I’ve learned how does the international breakfast look like. The maltese cooks are very kind and friendly On Saturday the cooks let me to did several orders alone, also I took part in the preparation works. I’ve seen for the first time how does a dinner look like in a kitchen. Sometimes it’s really hard to speak with the others because of the maltese accent. On Sunday I took part int he preparation works and prepare the plates for serving. I’ve learned some Italian pastas recipe. ******************************************************On Monday I took part in the preparation works and made some wraps and pastas. I’ve learned the classic Italian carbonara, which doesn’t contain cream. On Wednesday I made some bruschettas and I tasted the basic Maltese dishes. The Maltese dishes have got a strong Arabic taste On Thursday .I took part in the preparation works and I made the most classical Maltese breakfasts I’ve tasted the Maltese bread called ftira which has got an unique taste. On Friday I made garlic bread with butter, also I made most of the orders. I learned the maltese beef patee. There was a new dish on the menu called Maltese plate which is contained several types of Maltese cold dishes. .The chefs and my boss are care about that to teach me the basics of the Maltese gastronomy. On Sunday I took part in the preparation works and made dishes for the dinner. I’ve learned some new Maltese recipes. ******************************************************

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