Erasmus+ beszámoló- pincér, PLAYA HOTELS, Málta, 1-6. hét

PLAYA HOTELS Triq It –Torri, Tas-Sliema SLM 1601, Malta

On Tuesday, I started up stairs in the restaurant. Here my only job was to take guests empty plates and cutlery. Basic buffet breakfast. Always put a smile on your face. Working in a buffet is not my type of work. On Wednesday I worked the same shift, after that i went down to the hotel cafe ( Caras ) here i got shown around lerned the table numbers Can request alot of things from the boss Totaly fell in love with the cafe On Thursday same as Wednesday Local people are very cool with all kinds of situations. On Sunday i got a night shift in the restaurant … did not go so well, had to go down to caras. Did a good job here. Do not get frustrated if something did not go well, just get back on your feet. **************************************************************************** On Monday I worked in the morning upstairs in the restaurant. I had to do the same things again: set the table, take guests used plates, cups, glasses, cutlery. guests are kind and understanding . the only thing that changes in the buffet is the pastry On Tuesday worked at night Caras was not that busy. Had nothing to do really Bartender is very fun to talk to, but the steamer in the bar is not too good. On Wednesday I was working both shifts was very tired because I had to walk and hurry alot. Have a good night sleep or you will be very worn out after one shift On Thursday ihad the same thing as on Monday but got some students with me. that made my job easy Local people like to say the word Madonna alot. On Sunday i was working at Caras in the evening we had a VERY busy night so much work to handle. We had to deal with alot of people today Weekends are very busy in Plaza hotel. ************************************************************************* On Monday i had a breakfast shift and after that i had to go down to the cafe. Usual activities. Monday afternoon is very slow and boring in the cafe On Tuesday i had the same shifts again Alot of guests from Hungary and England on Wednesday i had to go in the morning. I had to polish cups and glasses on Thursday i had a evening shift, here i have to pick up orders frome the guests Do not loose your head if you have a lot of things to do. Sunday i worked all day so i have a free day off next week ************************************************************************ On Monday i was working in the restaurant upstairs. Very polite guests today The General Manager likes to put alot of stress on his workers On Tuesday I was working in Caras. Very fun day with the staff. The Manager lost his mind today because i had my free meal of the day… Cafe staff is the most kind, funny and amazing people on planet earth. On Saturday i had the usual shift in the morning. On Sunday I was working in the morning and in the evening. ******************************************************************** On Monday i was working in the morning, getting alot of negative experience today because of the managers idiotic breakdowns On Tuesday I was working in the restaurant nothing new same stuff all day On Wednesday i had to work int he morning and at night because the hotel is very under staffed and the only person available was me… had to cancle sushi hotel is very understaffed On Thursday i was working int he morning boss wanted to give a night shift , i said no… really wanted that sushi and i had reservations aswell Last day ont he job, manager was off i had a totall blast with the staff

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