Erasmus+ beszámoló- cukrász, SAN ANTONIO HOTEL, Málta 1-2. hét

SAN ANTONIO HOTEL AND SPA Triq it-Turisti, St. Pauls Bay SPB 124, Malta

04.10.2016. On Thuesday I helped the chef, and cut potatoes, and garlic. After i filled the cakes with pastry chef,after we decorated the cakes. They use lots of chocolate for cakes. 05.10.2016. Wednesday I make the sponge cake with pastry chef, when this go cold we cut in half and filled with nutella and decorated with whipped cream. They use the jilk with spongecake. They don’t stress at the work, they feel happy and kind. 06.10.2016. Thursday:off day 07.10.2016 Friday: off day 08.10.2016. On Saturday i make the apple pie , and apricot pie with pastry chef. For the apple pie they use the leavened pastry , don’t short pastry. They use lots of yelow cream for the filling. 09.10.2016 On Sunday I helped the chef and pastry chef, becouse there was a Sunday brunch. The team work is very important. 10.10.2016 On Monday I made the cookies with chocolate dotts. They use lots of chocolate dotts for desserts. 11.10.2016 Thuesday:off day 12.10.2016. On Wednesday I filled the spongecakes, with nutella and pastry cream.I made the fruit pie from sweet pastry. They use lots of pastry cream, it’s a vanilla cream. It’s not fresh fruit , just can 13.10.2016 Thursday:off day 14.10.2016 On Friday I filled the morning lunch table with desserts , after I covered the birthday cakes with marzipan. They don’t spread the cakes with butter cream. Just coating with marzipan. 15.10.2016 On Saturday I made the muffins in cookie style, after it’s go cold , we decorated its with caramell cream. 16.10.2016 On Sunday I served the desserts on Sunday brunch, after I sliced cakes and decorated them with fruits. They don’t use the regale, because the kitchen is small. ************************************************************************************* 04.10.:On Thuesday, I made some fruit tarts. First I filled them with custard than decorated with some sliced fruits. We make a lot of tarts, in different flavors. We have a lot of prepared cakes and slices in the freezer. 05.10.:On Wednesday, I prepared the Afternoon tea, which means I sliced cakes and decorated them. We have to preapare five different cakes and biscuits for the Afternoon tea. 06.10.:On Thursday, first we made a lot of sponge cakes than filled them with nutella and custard. Prepare the sponge all at once for each cakes, which we will fill of the week 08.10.:On Saturday, I made some different fillings for the cakes. We have canned fillings and fruits too. 09.10.:On Sunday we prepared everything for the Brunch. We can work in team very fast and accurately. The Sunday Brunch is very busy, but with a good team work we can do it very fast. 10.10. I made the custard and the vanilia sponge with Martin. We make almost everything from semi-finished products. These semi-finished products are very expenive but it’s also very fast to do. 11.10. This morning I prepare the Afternoon tea, then we did five different tarts. We do the scones for the Afternoon tea. 13.10. I filled over four hundred mini tarts with orange flavourd custard then I decorated with some chocolate triangle. We always use a lot of chocolate decoration. 14.10. We prepare the Sunday brunch. We did a lot of tarts and mousses. 15.10. I airbrush the mousse cakes with chocolate. This is one of the newest technique, it was a fantastic experience.

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