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On Monday I help decorated the Wienertrekant with chocolate fondan and nuts. I help made the Konvolut which has pistachia and marzipan cream inside and we fold them like an envelope. I made Wienerstang which has yellow cream inside marzipan cream and chocholate but some has marziban inside and apple marmalade . On the top we sprinkle it with sugar ad nuts. I made truffle rolls and balls. Knead breads. Tuesday I make dough for one type of bread. Put fondan on Hoj snegl, Wienerstang, Kanelstang, Smorstang. Today I made muffins with fruits. Dip the Noddesnite into chocolate. Made the top of the Drommerkage and Bedstefar. Wednesday my boss asked me to make a hugnarian pastry or cake tomorrow. Today I made spongecakes. Filled Lagkadesnitte with buttercream and raspberry jam after that cover it with marzipan and then slice it and sprinkle it with small candies. I made the top of the carrot cake Thursday I help put chocholate buns and raisings buns on the sheets and poppy seeds buns too. I made himbersnitte too. Today i stated my hungarian cake i made a Dobos cake. Friday I finished my cakes i made 10 cakes. I made pizza’s buns and normal pizza too. Today was my last day.

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